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Esports News You Might Have Missed (September 9)

JC McDonough

JC McDonough

We know the esports and gaming worlds can be very busy and difficult to keep tabs on, but never fear. We’ve got a batch of stories here that you may have missed this last week to make sure you are all caught up with the goings-on all across the esports space. Check them out below and don’t forget to let us know what we missed and what stories you want us to collect for you next week!

  • Star ADC Danny for Evil Geniuses takes mental health break after qualifying for Worlds 2022: LINK
  • New Leaks Show Changes to Unlocking Heroes in Overwatch 2: LINK
  • NICKMERCS’ Apex Legends Team ‘Tripods’ Joins Series E Pro Night: LINK
  • Riot Games & LoLEsports Revealed the New Design for the Summoner’s Cup in Partnership with Tiffany & Co: LINK
  • Multiversus Drops Biggest Patch Yet, Including New Character Gizmo, Hurtbox Changes, And More: LINK
  • VALORANT Superstar ‘TenZ’ Could Explore Free Agency With End of Sentinels Contract Looming: LINK
  • ‘Bjergsen’ Headlines LCS Top-10 Players of All-Time: LINK
  • TSM FTX Terminate Contract of Star Jungler ‘Spica’: LINK
  • We Got Another New Trailer for Pok√©mon Scarlet & Violet: LINK
  • EUnited Announce They’ve Received Snipedown On Loan From FaZe Clan for Orlando Major and the Halo world Championship: LINK
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