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Series E

Series E Apex Legends

Become a Series E professional Apex Legends player! Get sponsored and represent your team online in our weekly Apex Legends league. Compete, practice and make content with your teammates while also building up your own brand as a player, all while you earn a monthly salary from Esports Arena to play Apex Legend.

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Questions about Series E

    A semi-professional league providing monetary compensation to teams. The top Apex Legends Teams will earn the title of Esports Arena professional player and then continue fighting to maintain it.

  • Compete in our Weekly qualifying Tournaments every (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Accumulate points over the course of the 4 weeks based on placement and participation.
  • Earn the title of Esports Arena Professional Player

  • Apex Legends

    Players receive $500/month

    Minimum age required to participate is 16 years old

  • Qualifiers start September 16th and run for 4 weeks.
  • Regular season begins the following week and play will continue for a 3-month period.
  • Games will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday (avoiding major holiday and ALGS/GLL weeks)

  • 60 team capacity on qualifiers (first right to sign up for top 20 teams from previous week)
  • 8 games
  • points per placement and kills
  • ALGS rule set
  • 4 Total Qualifier Events (Winning Team from each week as well as top point earners from all weeks combined)


  • You and your team will earn the title of Esports Arena Professional players and be given the opportunity to represent one of our Series E sponsors in official Series E, ALGS, GLL, and other matches for a 3-month contract.
  • Once sponsored you will take part in weekly sponsored social media posts, show matches, interviews, and more.

    Pringles, Intel, Rice Krispies Treats, Apple Jacks, Pop-Tarts, Game Fuel, Nestle Water, Cheez-It, Campbell, and Razer. *Full list coming soon

Esports Arena will host weekly league tournaments and players will compete to get league points for the chance to get sponsored. Series E sponsored players will compete weekly for a monthly salary and the opportunity to represent major brands while building up their professional gaming reputation!

Series E

Super Smash Bros.

Become a Series E professional player at SSBU. This is not your regular local weekly tournament. Once you've proven to be the best at your local Esports Arena, then sign the professional contract, represent your brand and compete across the country against other Series E professionals.

Postponed: Learn more about when Qualifiers start
Series E


Become a Series E professional Fortnite player. Do you think you're the best Fortnite player around? Here's your chance to prove it. Compete for a chance to be the Series E Champion

Postponed: Learn more about when Qualifiers start

Esports Arena Series E has a myriad of ways to become a partner of what is to be the foundational esports ecosystem. Contact and become an official Series E partner to help build a proper path to pro for esports. Limited official league spots available.


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