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ALGS Year 3 Is Here!

JC McDonough

JC McDonough

The framework for Year 3 of ALGS competition has finally been announced. After 2 months of waiting, so many of the questions we’ve had have finally been answered. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know going into Year 3 of the ALGS:

Courtesy of ALGS and EA

Pro League Invites and Qualifiers

Each ALGS region will now feature 30 competing teams as opposed to 40 from Year 2. Twenty-two of these teams (per region) have already been invited based on their performances from last year. The remaining 8 spots in each region will be filled through preseason qualifiers. The Online Preseason Qualifiers will run on October 8-10, October 15-17, October 22-24, and October 29-31. The first place team in each of these individual qualifier events will qualify for Pro League with the other 4 spots being filled by the remaining teams with the most cumulative points across the four qualifier events.

Courtesy of ALGS and EA

Pro League Format and Changes

The overall structure of the year for ALGS competition remains largely the same going into Year 3. Each Split of PL will send the best teams from each region to an International Playoff with a $1 million prize pool that will ultimately culminate in the next ALGS Championship in the Summer of 2023. However, there are a few notables changes to how things will function in Pro League this time around. The biggest change is that there will be a qualifying event in each region using the match point format to decide which of the Top 20 teams in each region will go to the Split 1 & 2 Playoffs. Top finishing challenger circuit teams also received great news as whoever finishes first in CC each Split will automatically qualify for Pro League without having to battle the recently relegated squads. It’s also important to note that regions can earn more slots in Split 2 Playoffs by their teams performing well at the Split 1 Playoffs. Overall, there are a bunch of nice quality of life changes going into the next year of the ALGS.

Challenger Circuit

Challenger Circuit will work essentially the same as the year prior (other than the previously mentioned auto-qualification for first place teams). Challenger Circuit competition begins November 19th and will feature four weekend competitions during their regular season leading into either the Split 2 Pro League Qualifier of the ALGS Championship Last Chance Qualifier. All Challenger Circuit regular season events are open registration.

Year 3 of the ALGS is shaping up to deliver another incredible run of competition. Year 2 showed that Apex Legends truly has the potential to be one of the biggest and best esports on the planet, and Year 3 seems poised to truly deliver on that potential. For any more details on ALGS Year 3, click here to read the full announcement.

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