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Series E

Halo Infinite Format

Series E Halo Infinite kicks off with qualifiers just like all other Series E circuits. Once the season is underway, players and teams will compete twice a week. Monday is Open Night, where the Series E squads will compete with any takers in a 64-team max, double elimination bracket. Pro and free agent squads alike can jump in on the action to compete for a share of the $1000 prize pool. Then, Friday brings the Series E squads up against top level pro teams in an invite-only, single-elimination bracket. $500 on the line on Friday will see the squads compete to close out the week.


Esports Arena has brought Series E to one of the biggest franchises in gaming and esports, Halo Infinite. The hottest up-and-coming talent compete weekly with some of the best in the World, earn a monthly salary, and represent Esports Arena in Series E. For a shot to join Series E yourself, make sure to compete in the Open Night bracket every Monday to test your stuff against the Series E pros and don't miss out on next season's qualifiers!

Esports Arena Series E has a myriad of ways to become a partner of what is to be the foundational esports ecosystem. Contact and become an official Series E partner to help build a proper path to pro for esports. Limited official league spots available.


Livestream and social platforms


And branding in all Esports Arenas


Create the next professional gamer


Questions about Series E

    A semi-professional tournament series where players can compete in events to potentially compete under the Esports Arena brand.

    No, Series E is a tournament series focused around providing opportunities for Semi-Pro/Amateur players.

    Pro teams can sign up to play on open night.

    F/A teams can qualify throughout the season as the best open team to get sponsored.

  • $1000 Prize Pool
  • 4pm PST start time
  • 64 Team Capacity
  • Double Elimination BO3/BO5
  • Sign ups go live the Wednesday before each event

    6 sponsored player slots are available.

    While this does dramatically increase your odds the answer is no it does not guarantee you a sponsorship.

    Weekly exhibition style event featuring two Esports Arena branded teams and two invited pro/semi pro rosters. Format will vary but to start a single elimination BO5 bracket for $500 to the winning team.

  • Compete in our weekly tournaments.
  • Review and sign player contract.
  • Get drafted to one of our partnered brands.

    Halo Infinite

    Players receive $750/month

    Minimum age required to participate is 16 years old

    No, currently only US citizens can participate in the Series E program.

    Any team will retain their points week to week as long as 2 of the 3 players on the team remain the same.


  • You and your team will be given the opportunity to gain the title of Esports Arena Professional players and represent one of our Series E sponsors for a 6-month contract.
  • If you are interested in reviewing the player contract you will have the opportunity to sign ahead of time please feel free to reach out to any of our admins within the Series E discord.
  • Once sponsored you will take part in weekly sponsored social media posts, show matches, interviews, and more.

    Esports Arena, similar to any other organization, scouts players based on their performance and overall presence within the community.