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Compete in Series E Apex Legends

Esports Arena will host weekly league tournaments and players will compete to get league points for the chance to get sponsored. Series E sponsored players will compete weekly for a monthly salary and the opportunity to represent major brands while building up their professional gaming reputation!

Series E Casters

Tom ‘Tsquared’ Taylor

His story is one that will go down in gaming history. Dropping out of high school to pursue his dream of becoming a Halo champion, TSquared completely dedicated himself to his craft and was rewarded with an incredibly decorated career. It all started in Dallas, Texas, in 2004. TSquared was competing and won his first title: MLG San Francisco 2004.

In the coming years, Tom would fight to prove that he was one of Halo’s greatest ever stars. The success TSquared found through Halo allowed him to achieve success outside of gaming. Tom was featured on the television show, MTV True Life, articles in mainstream publications such as Forbes and would even get his team sponsored by Dr. Pepper, landing himself on millions of bottles of the soft drinks across the country. He was the public face of Halo for a period of time and helped bring attention to the competitive scene in a manner most players could only dream of.

As a competitor, Tom is particularly well known for his dedication, leadership, intensity at events and his ability to control the power weapons. Tom competed in the final of a major tournament on every title in the Halo series. There is only a small handful of players that can claim a similar statistic, and it is an elite group indeed.

Series E Casters

James "Jamerson" Lee

JetSetJamerson is an esports commentator that has worked on many titles such as LoL, CSGO, Overwatch, and Apex Legends. His current focuses are on Overwatch and Apex Legends, with Apex being his go-to game to stream. In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing and eating far too much food and casting esports.

He got into esports after working at the Coffee Bean access from Blizzard HQ. Every lunch rush he would talk with Blizzard employees about how games are doing, getting to interact with the Blizzard team, and getting to see real people in the career that they are passionate about. This made him want to do that himself and he started his esports career there! He has been an analyst and a commentator ever since.

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Esports Arena Series E has a myriad of ways to become a partner of what is to be the foundational esports ecosystem. Contact and become an official Series E partner to help build a proper path to pro for esports. Limited official league spots available.


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Questions about Series E

    A semi-professional tournament series where players can compete in events to potentially compete under the Esports Arena brand.

    No, Series E is a tournament series focused around providing opportunities for Semi-Pro/Amateur players.

    When we hit the middle of the season we will allow roster changes. As long as ⅔ of the players agree to make the roster change then we will allow it at this time.

    Open night is no longer restricted to F/A only. Pro teams can sign up to play on open night as long as they are not contracted to play on pro nights. The team that wins open night gets invited to compete in pro night for that week.

    F/A teams cannot qualify throughout the season as the best open team anymore to get sponsored.

    7 sponsored team slots are available.

    No, Series E is not an official EA event and it is not sponsored by EA in any way.
    While this does dramatically increase your odds the answer is no it does not guarantee you a sponsorship.

  • Compete in our weekly tournaments.
  • Review and sign player contract.
  • Get drafted to one of our partnered brands.

    Apex Legends

    Players receive $750/month

    Minimum age required to participate is 16 years old

    No, currently only US citizens can participate in the Series E program.

    Any team will retain their points week to week as long as 2 of the 3 players on the team remain the same.


  • You and your team will be given the opportunity to gain the title of Esports Arena Professional players and represent one of our Series E sponsors for a 6-month contract.
  • If you are interested in reviewing the player contract you will have the opportunity to sign ahead of time please feel free to reach out to any of our admins within the Series E discord.
  • Once sponsored you will take part in weekly sponsored social media posts, show matches, interviews, and more.

    Esports Arena, similar to any other organization, scouts players based on their performance and overall presence within the community.

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