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Battle of Santa Ana // Saturday - Sunday, February 24 - 25

Call of Duty is finally back at Esports Arena! You’ve had months to prepare, so now it’s time to find out who the best 4v4 players in SoCal are! Come out and get that valuable LAN experience because we have more in store for CoD in 2017!

Knocked out on day 1? Come back on day 2, because the venue will be open for LAN play and wagers all weekend!

*All competitors must have a PSN+ account to participate.

Frequenly Asked Questions: Q: What is the format of the tournament?
A: Double Elimination, Best of 3

Q: How will teams be seeded?
A: All teams who pre-register will be seeded first, based on general Esports Arena Call of Duty Experience. Teams who do not pre-register will not be seeded at all.

Q: What console is the event on?
A: PS4

Q: What equipment do I need to bring?
A: Your copy of the game, a controller, headset, mixamp (optional), cronusmax (optional).

Q: Can I rent any equipment from Esports Arena?
A: No.

Q: When does at the door registration end?
A: 10:00am. Zero exceptions.

Q: What are the payouts?
A: 1st = 50%. 2nd = 30%. 3rd = 15%. 4th = 5%. 5th-8th = ESA Cafe Credit.

Q: If I win, when will I get paid?
A: Within 30 days.

Q: What headsets can I bring?
A: There are no limitations or requirements on headset usage.

Q: What form of CoD will the tournament be?
A: 4v4 Variant. HP -> SND -> GI/CTF

Q: How old do I need to be to compete?
A: All ages are allowed to compete, however players under 18 must have a parent sign/e-mail a release to or bring release on the day of the event.
Release Form

SCHEDULE (PST) Saturday:
  - Doors Open at 9:00am
  - Check-in Ends at 10:00am
  - Brackets Released at 10:30am
  - Tournament Starts at 11:00am
  - Tournament ends for the day at 9:00pm
  - Open LAN play/wagers will run until 1:00am
  - Doors Close at 1:00am

  - Doors Open at 9:00am
  - Tournament Resumes (if applicable) at 11:00am
  - Open LAN play/wagers will run until 11:00pm

Format - Rules

Pricing Team Pass - $100
*32 Team Passes Available
Spectating - Free



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