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It is that time of year again! Series E: Apex Legends, Guilty Gear -Strive-, and Halo Infinite are ready to dive into the next season, and we could not be more excited to usher in the next round of talent. Series E has always been about helping players get started in their esports journey, as well as providing opportunities to grow one’s abilities, play against some of the top professional talent in the circuit, and receive a sponsorship. All of this is included on top of a monthly salary that every signed player will receive. After potential players complete Series E: Qualifiers, they will receive a sponsorship from one of the brands listed below during Series E: Draft Day. It has always been Esports Arena’s goal to ensure that the next generation of esports talent has a place that they can thrive, and all of this would not be possible without the support of our incredible partners. We are so excited to continue our partnership with some familiar faces signing on again and we also cannot wait to introduce everyone to our brand new sponsor, too!

We are beyond excited to announce our newest sponsor! You know them and love them as the delicious food brand perfect for snacks, dinnertime, parties, and everything in between…introducing Tyson Foods! Tyson Foods didn’t come to mess around either, as they’re bringing not one, not two, but three teams to the Series E lineup. Tyson® Crispy Strips have that extra crispy crunch and delectable golden-brown breading, leaving you ready to game with a full stomach. The only wrong move you can make is to game while hungry!

Tyson® Any’tizers® Snacks are good sources of protein and flavor. Any’tizers Snacks help fuel you if you need a quick bite in between games.

State Fair® Corn Dogs are fun and fast. Whether you pair them with your favorite dipping sauce or pop ’em in plain, you’ll have all the fun of eating corn dogs but in bite-sized pieces fit for the time between queues.

We can’t wait to see what Team Tyson® Crispy Strips, Team Tyson® Any’tizers® Snacks, and Team State Fair® Corn Dogs will bring to Series E. And we want to sincerely thank Tyson Foods for hopping on board.

Special thanks to: Dustin Taylor and Jordan Fisher

Please welcome back our first ever Series E sponsor, Intel! A household staple, Intel is known and loved by generations of gamers for their high quality and innovative contributions to tech history. Intel reigns as the largest manufacturer by revenue of semiconductor chips and are also prevalent voices for sustainability and energy-conservation.

Intel has also made waves in the scene by giving back to the esports community through Intel Gamer Days, convention booths at PAX East, and Intel Play Pass.

Team Intel is infamous for their successful Series E teams. They’ve sponsored four Apex teams, one Guilty Gear -Strive- player, and two Halo Infinite players in Series E (of which, seven players have signed to professional orgs after competing in Series E). We are so excited to have them onboard again for their fifth consecutive season!

Special thanks to: Cari Friedland, Lisa Thompson and Tim Clark

Razer is another partner who has been with us from the beginning of Series E. Equipped with their iconic green and black snake logo, Razer is a lifestyle staple for gamers. They also truly revolutionized style and functionality in their various peripheral models, and you can take your battlestation to the next level with the wide variety of products they continue to develop with the gaming scene in mind.

Team Razer, an icon in their own right, has signed talent from Faker to Chovy to MAD Lions and Tribe Gaming, as well as five seasons of talent in Series E. Of those five seasons, three Series E: Team Razer players signed to professional orgs after winning Series E two seasons in a row.

Special thanks to: Duane Ackerman, Bob Picunko, Bradley Richardson, and Michael Brown

Making high quality technology affordable for everyone, we welcome back VIZIO for their second season of Series E. VIZIO’s powerful televisions and soundbars are a staple for gamers looking to fully immerse themselves in any game they are playing. VIZIO strives to make their products easy to use and enjoyable to experience, equipped with award-winning, premium 4K UHD Quantum Color and SmartCast.

VIZIO is all about giving back to the esports community. During this past season of Series E, we introduced the VIZIO Next Level Gaming Award, in which our signed players who shined in overall performance were awarded with top-of-the-line televisions on top of their monthly salaries.

VIZIO also currently holds the reigning champions of Series E: Apex Legends Season 4 and Series E: Guilty Gear -Strive- Season 1. With such fantastic seasons under Team VIZIO’s belt, we can’t wait to see what this next season will bring!

Special thanks to: Matthew Rillera and Tarah Stokes

It’s Nerf or Nothin’! Nerf is signing on again for their second season of Series E. A staple as some of the most fun and recognizable toys on the market since the 1960s, Nerf brings a wide collection of blasters that are guaranteed to amp up any event. Enjoy unparalleled performance as you dodge and fire oncoming darts at maximum capacity and speed.

Although this is Nerf’s second season as an official Series E partner, Nerf has been an incredible supporter of Esports Arena for years. Their partnership has been invaluable as our arenas open inside Walmarts all around the United States, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership and seeing all that Team Nerf is going to accomplish next season.

Special thanks to: The Hasbro Team!

Get ready to say “game over” to headaches with our next sponsor! Excedrin is powering up and signing back on as a sponsor for their second season of Series E. Armed with the Excedrin Gamer Routine, Excedrin is all about preventing headaches before they even start, and providing a helping hand when needed.

Excedrin’s mission is to keep you in the game, in person as well as online. They recently debuted their Healing Haven at PAX East, an oasis where con-goers could escape the hustle and bustle and recharge in a calming space.

Team Excedrin also holds a strong third place in both Series E: Apex Legends Season 4 and Series E: Guilty Gear -Strive- Season 1. We can’t wait to see the action they bring next!

Special thanks to: Jenny Echeverri, Michael Sullivan, and Sean Fraser

Draft Day is right around the corner for the next season of Series E: Apex Legends, Guilty Gear -Strive-, and Halo Infinite. With a few of the top teams returning to represent their brands and new teams eager to meet their sponsor for the very first time, it is shaping up to be quite the memorable season of Series E!

We are so incredibly excited to welcome back Intel, Razer, VIZIO, Nerf, and Excedrin as well as introduce Tyson® to the fray. All of this is possible because of their dedication and passion for finding and nurturing the next best esports talent, and we cannot thank them enough.

If you want to represent your favorite Series E team or check out all of the awesome products each of these brands bring to the table, head over to walmart.com/esportsarena to check out their selection today!

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