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Grand Opening Weekend

Stephanie Wardlaw

Stephanie Wardlaw




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Esports Arena Opens Up In Miami

It’s finally time, Miami! Esports Arena is coming to the Magic City! All the fun begins Saturday, July 31st at noon local time. Then at 2pm, we start our free-to-enter Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament with a $500 prize pool! Sunday will feature the same schedule, with the doors opening at noon, and then a Call of Duty Warzone tournament kicking off at 2pm. That tournament is also free to enter with a $500 prize pool. If you want to get in on the action, you can still sign up for both Smash and Warzone today. We’ll also be doing lots of fun giveaways throughout the entire weekend, as well as meet and greet opportunities with special guests 8BitManVikkiKitty, and ChunkyKong. And if you can’t make it to our Grand Opening weekend, make sure to come out during our first two weeks of operation as it will be free to play when we are open (does not include tournament play).

What Is Esports Arena?

Esports Arena is a company made up of gamers who want to bring gaming and esports to all of the passionate communities all across the country. We open and run LAN centers that allow for gamers to have a place to gather and play on great hardware at very reasonable prices. We also run tournaments across all kinds of different titles like Apex Legends, Halo, Smash Brothers, and even League of Legends. We love the gaming community and relish the opportunity to give gamers everywhere the chance to play and compete. So if you’re looking for somewhere to compete with the best or even just a place to sit at a PC and casually play your favorite games, Esports Arena is the place to go.

Esports Arena Miami

Address: 8400 Coral Way Miami, FL 32819

Hours: Wed-Fri (3pm-8pm), Sat-Sun (1pm-9pm)

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We are bringing esports competitions and events to Walmart shoppers. Like Esports Arena's primary location in Orange County, our Walmart location will have daily weekday league nights and tournaments on the weekends. Open play hours will exist daily for customers to train together, try out a new gaming product or game, or practice for an upcoming match.


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