Nickmercs Leaving COD for Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 Is Getting A Lot More Streamers Involved...

It has been a crazy run for Apex Legends. From its surprise launch in April of 2019 up till today, Apex has been on a crazy run. And some of the game’s biggest highlights have come in just the last few months. The competitive scene has seen massive growth that included the largest Apex event to date, the ALGS Championships in June. The player population has continued to grow since the Steam launch in November of 2020. Even the world of Apex has grown with new characters, maps, and lore coming out over the years. But, one of the coolest new developments for Apex Legends has been some of the big names in the streaming world giving the game the recognition it deserves.

Recently, popular streamer and co-owner of 100 Thieves, Courage, has been playing a bunch of Apex Legends on his stream. He’s been consistently playing with well-known Apex creator NiceWigg, and has been vocal about his enjoyment of the game. Courage has enjoyed it so much that he has even begun recruiting his friends to play as well. Nick Mercs and TimTheTatMan have been Courage’s most recent targets, and he’s been successful as the two streamers have jumped on the Apex Legends train.

All this additional exposure is a huge boon to an already great title and is awesome to see for the Apex Legends scene. Courage brings a ton of eyeballs to the game with his huge audience, and adding in more of his popular streamer friends will increase the amount of people watching and trying the game. And the best part is, with the addition of Arenas, new legends coming consistently, and steady updates to the game, there’s never been a better time to get into Apex Legends. The timing couldn’t be better for both Apex Legends and for Courage to have found each other. It’s a win-win that should see continued growth to a truly stellar gaming and esports scene. Now the only question is: who is next to get on the hype train?